Kate Burt fine cake design - Devon, Dorset and Somerset

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About Me

Hello! Thank you so much for joining me here and since I am all about creating exquisite, one off statement wedding cakes, I imagine congratulations on your engagement are in order too.

I am excited for you both already!

But first, a little about me. I am a specialist cake artist. My design focus is on sophistication, beauty and capturing individuality. I'm one of the lucky ones, who  gets to do what drives, teaches and gives me my greatest pleasure on a daily basis. The cake I'm working on is always my favourite, and  believe me, this passion comes in handy through the wee hours, in this crazy, high pressured, everything-at- the-last-moment art form.

Sugar. Butter. Flour. Chocolate

These are my canvas.

Understanding, interpreting and elevating the particular style and design briefs of my brides and grooms. 

this is my inspiration.


I could say Im self taught, but thats not neccesarily true. 


I was born into baking and food, though I trained as a psychotherapist before returning to my roots. My mother is a great baker and collector of  10s of 1000s of recipes and most of my earliest memories involve making something sweet to eat. As a single parent in the 80s, my mother worked around the clock as a food journalist and photographer and I got to tag along.


So it was that my exposure to and love of food as art began early. At seven, I marveled at ice, butter and chocolate sculptures and got to savor and critique extraordinary flavors. I learnt about critical thinking, boundary breaking, the joys of styling, the pursuit of perfection. Now, as a baker and sugar artist, I am on my own journey in pursuit of those things. It is a never ending challenge, that I never want to end.